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Click on the picture to view this clip. it is 8.5 mb's and is about two min. Depending on your Internet connection the download time will vary.

This is a free clip to view. It is a clip of the American soldiers defending the Vietnameese people shortly after the French abandonment of what was know as French Indo China to the American People. 

This is the intro to the Stock Footage Clip Gallery

On this Home Page to the Stock Footage Clip Gallery  I  can quickly introduce you to the clip gallery Catagories and how you can access the clips that are listed on the different pages I have tried to list only a limited number of clips to a page as to not overwhelm you with material that is constantly being added to.

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Each Picture is a link to the access of the clip

To access any clip in the Stock Footage Clip Gallery you simply right mouse "CLICK"on the picture nearest to the discription of what you want. This will lead you to a page requiring you to make a Secure payment to the account our PayPal account . If you do not have a paypal account you can signup at that time to get a FREE Internet PayPal Account.

You can LINK to the "CLIP of your choise instantly to begin your download.

Once you make a secure payment through Paypal , you will be sent a e-mail which will provide you with a link to access the clip instantly. This Link will be active for only 48 hours so you can take your time to download. The download time may vary depending on your connection to the internet .

To access the pages and listing of clips in the Stock Footage Clip Gallery Please click on the catagories of your choise at the top of thes page. Your back button will also be active during the navagation of this site.

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